Bell2Bell’s latest podcast features Imperium Motor Company CEO Rick Curtis and Imperium Motor Company Canada President Christian Dubois. Imperium Motor Company, a subsidiary of DSG Global Inc. (OTCQB: DSGT), seeks to transform the way the world drives by making greener transportation available to everyone.

Throughout the interview, Curtis and Dubois discussed the history, current operations and future outlook of Imperium Motor Company.

“The Imperium company idea started out when we had a client who wanted to equip his fleet of electric vehicles with a device for tracking and set up a geo-fence that could limit his drivers’ area of operation,” Curtis explained. “I knew and worked with [DSG Global CEO] Bob Silzer on a few other projects over the years, and I knew he had the solution. We always talked about doing something together, and then, the time was right. Imperium uses a traditional sales channel, with a distributor-dealer model. In the near future, we will assemble some of our products in North America. Then, we would be [executing] a manufacturer-distributor-dealer model. We also will be distributing the INDI One vehicle, as well as the CMW Sagitta. They are both manufactured in North America.”