Bell2Bell’s latest podcast features Ben Errez, Chairman of GreenBox POS (NASDAQ: GBOX), an emerging financial technology company leveraging proprietary security and token technology to build customized payment solutions for business.

Throughout the interview, Errez discussed GreenBox’s business model and operating markets.

“GreenBox POS is a company that Fredi Nisan – the current CEO – and I founded in the beginning of 2017… The company was reverse acquired onto the OTCQB in April 2018 and uplisted to Nasdaq in February 2021,” Errez said. “The company is on its third generation of technology. The first generation was launched in 2019. During that year, our volume of business exceeded $170 million, which we saw as a great sign for the adoption of our main technology focus, blockchain ledger… GreenBox had volume of business of over $2 billion in 2021, and we’re scheduling about three-times that much in 2022.”