Bell2Bell’s latest podcast features Dr. Harald Zink, CEO, Founder and Chief Product Architect of SPYR Inc. subsidiary Applied Magix Inc., a developer and reseller of Apple® ecosystem compatible products.

Throughout the interview, Zink discussed Applied Magix’s business model, management team and operational goals.

“Applied Magix is an accessories company exclusively catering to Apple consumers – people who have iPhones and Macs. We focus primarily on the smart home market, for which Apple has provided an environment called HomeKit, as well as the CarPlay market, which is Apple’s name for its smart car-supporting accessories,” Zink said. “Aside from the fact that everybody here at Applied Magix are huge Apple nerds, we found that, looking at the market, the Apple consumer is not only more affluent, they’re also more loyal and more willing to essentially work with devices, services and companies that treat them well and provide premium and quality products. That’s what we’re aiming to do.”