Bell2Bell’s latest podcast features Eileen Mockus, President and CEO of Coyuchi Inc., the gold standard in sustainable luxury home goods.

Throughout the interview, Mockus provided an introduction to Coyuchi and discussed the company’s position as a trailblazer in sustainably produced goods for the environmentally conscious home.

“Coyuchi is an organic, sustainable luxury home goods brand. We provide bedding, bath, apparel, and lifestyle goods for your home,” Mockus said. “We have a coastal-inspired aesthetic. We’re known for great quality and durability, and that’s in the midst of home brands that are just about the look. We’re delivering more. We’ve got 100% certified organic cotton materials; we follow safe processing fair trade practices; and our customer base is primarily our own. We are omnichannel, with 80% of our sales coming directly from, supplemented with high-end retail partners Nordstrom and Anthropologie, as well as high-end boutiques and hotels across the country.”