Bell2Bell’s latest podcast features Doug Heldoorn, Founder and Chairman of Advanced Container Technologies Inc. (OTC: ACTX), the exclusive U.S. distributor of self-contained, automated, indoor “micro-farms” called Grow Pods, along with related equipment and supplies.

Throughout the interview, Heldoorn, reporting from the site of CannaCon in Oklahoma City, discussed the agricultural advantages of Grow Pods and the wide-reaching potential of the technology.

“As excited as everybody is about the cannabis industry, Grow Pod technology aligns with so many factors of society today. I’m twice as excited about that as I am with the cannabis industry, as crazy as it sounds sitting in the middle of CannaCon,” Heldoorn said. “[Grow Pods] offer a growing system that uses 70-75% less water than regular irrigation. You have a controlled environment where right now in California you can grow outdoor vegetables in a controlled setting.”